Frequent Ask Questions for Franchise

How to Register Franchise?
• Go to
• Click on Register Franchise.
• Read the instructions completely.
• Fill the form completely and click on REGISTER.
• ANS Career will conduct the survey of your shop and the location.
• You will need to submit a DD \Cheque\Cash of training fees. Payable at Hoshangabad.
• Once accepted, ID Password and training will be provided to you.

What is Registration Fees?

• Rs 5000 Non Refundable.
• Please note that this fee has to be paid after your registration and its acceptance in form. You will need to submit a DD \Cheque\Cash favoring ANSCORPORATECAREER.COM. Payable at Hoshangabad.

Where do I find authorized BRANCH List?

• It’s available on ANS Career Home Page at top middle position as “Register Franchise ".

Where is Registration Link available?

• It’s available on AN Career Home Page at top middle position.

What are Prerequisites for Being a Branch?

• The applicant should have a rented or owned premise with following facilities;
• Internet Connection.
• Presentation & counseling skills.
• Working as cyber cafe.
• Well located working place.

Which Documents are required?

• Address Proof.
• ID proof.
• Business proof.
• 2 Passport size photograph of yourself.

How is the commission paid?

• It’s paid on monthly basis; the amount gets credited to your Franchise ID at the end of every month.

Where can I check the commission details?

• Login to with your Branch ID and password.
• Scroll down to the payment option click on "MY ACCOUNT” link.

From where can I change my password?

• Login to with your Franchisee ID and password.
• Scroll down to the setting option.

From where can I check my Transactions?

• Login to with your Branch ID and password.
• Scroll down to the operation option click on "Transaction statement" link.

In which locations Branch can be established?

• All over Madhya Pradesh.

How do I Self Recharge my BRANCH ID?

• Login to with your Franchise ID and password.
• Scroll down to the Payment option.
• Enter the amount you wish to recharge, attach receipt by scan your original receipt and insert transaction ID .then click
   on “send “link.

• Now your request has been sent to ANS Career, after conformation your amount will be accepted.
• Your Franchise ID will be recharged.
• You can view your balance amount under payment option at “current balance “.